Friday, May 27, 2011

Few, the party is over! Amazing amazing woman:)

So the party went off last night without a hitch! It was such a great night, and all of the kids were very respectful and fun.  We ended up getting about 250 people and we raised nearly 400$ for kions for Kenya.  What a great way for kids to be involved in a good cause and have a lot of fun! The next thing I wanted to talk about was an amazing story I read in the news today.  It was about a woman who is named Grandma butterfield, and she has been volunteering at an elementary school for the past six years.  She just goes and spends her time with children, hoping to help them succeed.  I thought this was an incredible story.  It is people like Grandma Butterfield who change the world. Even though most of us cant volunteer for six years at an elementary school, we still have the power to make a difference.  Reach out, Pass it on!

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