Wow!! There is so much we can all do within our community every day to volunteer and serve. I am currently in the process of speaking with city officials to get a monthly update of service projects within our community that people can attend. In the mean time get out there and serve! There is so much to be done. Here are some examples:
-Visit someone in need in your community
-Befriend a lonely person
-write a nice note to someone
-volunteer at your local library, rest home, hospital, or soup kitchen.
-smile:)- pass it on!
-baby sit for free
-offer to do a neighbors yard work
-Make dinner for a family in need

It is things like these that make SUCH a difference in our world!! I have recently became a committe member for make a wish. I am so excited for this opportunity! I will be sure to keep everyone informed on what they can do to serve within their organization. Be happy, serve, pass it on!


Salem Rest Home: 1015 South 550 West -Salem
Contact Number: 801-727-1900

Spanish Fork Rest Home: 858 East 100 South - Spanish Fork
Contacy Number: 801-727-1900

Payson Rest Home: 661 East 700 South - Payson
Contact Number: 801-727-1900

Payson Hostpital: 1000 East Highway 6
Contact Number: 801-465-7000

Provo food bank volunteer: If you would like to volunteer please contact Joseph Sergio at 373-8200 ext. 247. You may also reach him at Jsergio@CommunityActionUC.org

I have personally contacted all of these organizations and they all would love an extra helping hand. Please volunteer!